Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Theological Degree to do What?

What does one do when it's still waist deep snow and below zero? Snowmobile - or snowshoe as we discovered yesterday when our sleds got buried too deep to keep going. These new sleds aren't light and lifting a five hundred plus pound snowmobile out of a hole is no longer fun. Never was - but I could do it with those older lighter sleds back-in-the-day. Anyway, we walked home for a shovel and got out. From then on we did as I used to do when living in Alaska: I carried a folding shovel and snowshoes on the back. Only had to use them one more time. 

Lee's graduation day with his young bride
Here's the visual that was in my head as I rode home that evening - accompanied by thoughts like: "Did I really need a theological degree from college to go snowmobiling in the snow and cold?" and "Aren't there lost people in warmer climates?" Then it struck me: Perhaps life is just a matter of degrees (pun intended). 
And then I imagined God saying,"So bloom where you're planted, Lee."
"OK, God" I said, and rode on.